Srishti Dutta Chowdhury

Write an easy poem

staring at the smoke rising above 

                 a lone polestar perched

on coldnightblue forehead,

can wreck you in a thousand different ways

the trainwreck reach your mind 

                           without whistling 

some brown smell step-skipping nostril to

                             wet skin


only child,

             rejected good,

woodash yellowburn

              never could go to clear clear woods

fatherlorn, fallborn, 

        borne of expectations

i feel the rear knockingdoor,

kickready to break-

i feel the end look for a


-need to hone my floating skills



        is not the most important thing you

                  learn while defisting happiness.

Write an easier poem

it all hurts

             like cells and electrodes touching


-this is such a joke

                        -such a tiring joke

                                               on repeat

how does it even change sides                                       

                                            A to B 

          or can it will itself to

                                     trudge the

                                                                                                                   distance anymore.

Displaying 11221847_10205523721746104_5528181717287055216_n.jpgA student of Comparative Literature for most part of the day, Srishti Dutta Chowdhury reads, listens to whatever catches her fancy and writes a tad bit whenever she cannot do without putting some words to paper. She has been published at Coldnoon Travel Poetics, Bangalore Review, Quail Bell, the Brown Critique magazine, the Norwich Radical, Kindle, etc. Besides reading, writing, living poetry, she fancies herself as a food philanderer and keenly follows food photography. Her photography can be viewed at the Instagram handle ”srishtiduttachowdhury”

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