Weasel Patterson

the weight of a comet

i see you falling from

the stars, affection

incurable, but i could

never hold the weight

of your heart

docile creature, i

look to you, bones

dissolving to dust,

but i am simply

a masochist in

love with sacrifice

you were the affliction

i could not pull out of me

how the stars say fall

we are rose stems under the clouds,

fragile to their weight, naked to

their touch, but we are addicted to

destruction. some of us sell our

hearts to hatred, while others are

victim to the lead shooting

through their voices.

we are all shells afraid of

blood, pumping oceans of

anger through our veins,

breathing our own

smoke. look at the moon,

curves smoothing over us.

how many souls have gone

searching for her, how many

names are sprawled on her

surface? reminders of our dead,

poetry ripped from their veins,

graves growing dusty. they are

the stars, pebbles that were

not strong enough to skip across.

they whisper down from the

skies, though we are not

able to hear them, we’ve

bottled up ourselves so

we cannot be influenced

of the body bags lingering

in the air. we do not want

to hear them speaking what

we all want.


i etched a heart on my chest,

prepared myself for your touch

but I remained empty. the lava

on my tongue ran cold each time

you entered my body, leaving

tumors that i pray to get cured,

but angels cannot heal my past,

and you’ve already dissolved

Weasel is a writer and overall degenerate poet. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Literature at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and has been blowing up the poetry scene ever since. This Vagabond poet has had the fortunate opportunity to release a full length poetry collection titled Ashes to Burn through Transcendent Zero Press. In April of 2015 he released his first novella, Cigarette Burns through Kool Kids Press. In May of 2015 he released his second poetry collection titled The Hell Inside Us, through Earl of Plaid. Weasel has appeared in an indie documentary titled Something Out of Nothing (S.O.O.N.) directed by Mitchell Dudley. He has also released an indie documentary focusing on the current condition of poetry titled Poetry is Dead! His writing has been accepted in several anthologies. He is Owner and Manager of Weasel Press http://www.weaselpress.com and http://poetweasel.weebly.com


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